Radionovela hoje (2010)

An article derived from my Bachelor Thesis. It focused on the results of the Marketing Research that happened after the radio soap-opera Além do Horizonte aired in the local radio. The journal is available online. Although the article was published in Portuguese, there is an English abstract.


Radio soap-operas (known as “radionovelas”) were extremely popular in Brazil around the decades of 1950 and 1960. They managed to capture thousands of people only through the magic of their words and the imagination of their audience. However, after the advent of television, radio soap-operas were exchanged for TV soap-operas and soon vanished from the air waves. Almost half a century afterwards, in 2005, a radio station from Natal (a city in the northeast of Brazil) added to their schedule a radio soap-opera. This paper’s objective is to analyze how the public received such a program. Therefore, in the weeks following the transmition, a research was conducted. The target group this product aimed for were women who listen to the radio at least three times. So, 400 of them were questioned. Around 35% of the respondents heard about the soap-opera, and, 65% of those afirmed they listened to the episodes. That means that the show reached over 20% of their target audience. The product received a nice evaluation, being considered good by 53% and great by 37% These results seem to indicate there is still a place for soap operas in Brazilian radio nowadays, as long as the stations decide to invest in them.


Radio production, radio soap-opera, Brazil


ELALI, L. A. (2010). Radionovela hoje: Análise de um caso em Natal, Brasil. Revista de Comunicación y Nuevas Tecnologías, 4. p. 113-126. Madrid, Spain: Icono14. ISSN: 1697 – 8293. ISBN: 978-84-938070-4-7.