Radionovela: A magia do passado… (2006)

“Radio soap opera: The magic of the past enchanting the present” is a book derivative from my Bachelor Thesis. It is registered under ISBN 85-86627-42-9 and it is only available in Portuguese.

At first, it presents a retelling of the history of radio soap-operas in Brazil, with an special emphasis to my state, Rio Grande do Norte. Then, it presents a Marketing Research evaluating whether or not residents of Natal-RN would listen to such a show nowadays. The next chapter details the making of our radio soap opera, Além do Horizonte, which was aired by a prominent local radio station. Finally, it presents a second Marketing Research, which analyzed whether or not the product was viable.


Cesário, D; Dantas, E; Roma, E N; Elali, L A; Gosson T S. (2006). Radionovela: a magia do passado encantando o presente. Fortaleza, Ceará: LCR. 200p. ISBN 85-86627-42-9