Basic Info

Name: Louise de Azambuja Elali
Nationality: Brazil

Current Occupation

Founder and Blogger at SOSViagem (Aug/2012-present)

SOSViagem is a travel blog for the Brazilian/Portuguese-speaking market where I share my experiences and give tips and advice. The content spans over 38 countries (and counting!) in all continents. I am responsible for all website maintenance, from content writing to community building, including design, basic WordPress programing, photography, affiliate marketing and social media marketing. I have worked with several tourism boards and companies around the world. Some examples are Context Tours, Iambassator, Visit Finland, Tallin Tourism, Visit Malta and Cape Town Tourism. In 06/April/2016, I have launched my first product, 10×10 Paris, an ebook/travel guide about the French capital.

Columnist at Revista Deguste (Jun/2014-present)

I write a monthly column about French Gastronomy called “Saboreando Paris”. It’s a mix of classical French cuisine, what’s hot in the City of Lights and my own Parisian food adventures. You can read them online at Revista Deguste (in Portuguese).

Freelancer (Jan/2002-present)

I work on communication-related projects and bring them to completion. I have experience in:
◙ Book Design – I can develop an entire project, from cover to cover, including inside pages, chapter pages, typography study and illustration suggestions.
◙ Web Projects – Websites are essential in today’s market place. I have been developing websites for over 10 years and have experience in content writing, image treatment (Photoshop), social media campaigns, WordPress management and basic programing language (PHP/HTML/CSS).
◙ Translation – Expressing ideas in different languages can make a big impact and expand your reach. I speak Portuguese, English, French and Spanish. To translate accurately, it is not enough to know grammar and spelling, but it is necessary to understand expressions and the culture into which you are translating. Therefore, I’m at the most ease translating from any of these languages into Portuguese or English.
[You can browse some examples of my work in my portfolio.]


Master of Arts in Global Visual Communication

Jacobs University Bremen (JUB) – Bremen, Germany (Sep/2010-Jul/2012)

Post-Graduate Course (Specialization) in Image and Communication

Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie (UPM) – São Paulo, Brazil (Fev/2009-Jul/2010)

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN) – Natal, Brazil (Mar/2002-Dez/2006)

Bachelor of Arts in Social Communication (Journalism)

Universidade Potiguar (UnP) – Natal, Brazil (Feb/2002-Dez/2005)
[other courses]

Experience: Journalism

Journalism Advisor (Aug/2006 – Nov/2006)

Client: Colégio Marista de Natal – Natal, Brazil

TV Show Production (Mar/2006 – May/2007)

Client: Programa PlenaMente – TV Universitária/UFRN – Natal, Brazil

Design Editor (Oct/2005 – Jun/2007)

Client: Revista Estudos de Psicologia (ISSN 1413-294X) – Natal, Brazil

Experience: Academic Jobs

Student Assistant (Sep-Nov/2011)

Course: Global and Transnational Communication
Prof. Dr. Leonardo Boccia (Jacobs University) – Bremen, Germany

Teaching Assistant (Feb-May/2011)

Course: Neuroscience of Arts and Politics
Prof. Dr. Marco Verweij (Jacobs University) – Bremen, Germany

Translation of an Academic Article (Jun/2008)

Client: Prof. Dr. Gabriel Moser (Sorbonne/Paris-France) – São Paulo, Brazil
[other academic jobs]


1st place. Category: RTV/04 – Radio soap-opera

Project: Além do Horizonte
Authors: Louise A Elali, Érika Novaes, Thaíse Gosson, Danilo Cesário, Edvânio Oliveira
Event: XIII Expocom – Exposição de Pesquisa Experimental em Comunicação – Brasilia, Brazil, 2006 (INTERCOM)
[other awards]

Volunteering Work

Intercultural Trainer during Orientation Week (Aug/2011)

Institution: Jacobs University – Bremen, Germany

Peer Mentor during Orientation Week (Aug/2011)

Institution: Jacobs University – Bremen, Germany

Groups and Associations

Professional Travel Bloggers Association – PTBA
Associação Brasileira de Blogueiros de Viagem – ABBV
Rede Brasileira de Blogueiros de Viagem – RBBV
International Communication Association – ICA
Sociedade Brasileira de Estudos Interdisciplinares da Comunicação – INTERCOM


Psychologist (Feb-Dec/2006)

Institution: Colégio Marista de Natal – Natal, RN

Reporter (Dec/2003 – Feb/2004)

Institution: Diário de Natal – Natal, RN

Journalist (Jun – Aug/2005)

Institution: Colégio Marista de Natal – Natal, RN

Reporter (Sep/2002)

Institution: Evento Natal Motorcycle – Natal, RN