I have experience writing for different types of public and media. Some of the latest examples of my writing are:

  • SOSViagem – I write travel-related original content for a broad audience using SEO best practices to maximize Google ranking
  • Publications – Academic articles, chapters and books I have published
  • Revista Deguste – A monthly gastronomy magazine where I have a popular column about French gastronomy. [some reading material]


Websites are essential in today’s market. I have been developing websites for over 10 years and have experience in content writing, image treatment (Photoshop), social media campaigns, WordPress management and basic programing language (PHP/HTML/CSS). [some of the latest websites I’ve developed]


I was one of the producers of the television program Plenamente, which aired on TV Universitaria. My responsibilities included suggesting themes, editing the interviews, managing the show’s taping and eventually training new reporters (three during the time I was there). It was a 30-minute show. Here you can watch a 15-minute version of one of them. Portuguese is the spoken language. [watch it!]


My experience with radio is creating and producing fiction pieces. Here, you can read a little more about two of them, Além do Horizonte (winner of the EXPOCOM award) and Parece que foi ontem (1st prize in UnP’s Scientific Conference), and even listen to reduced versions. [interested?]