When I was 10 years old, I started my class’s newspaper. And I haven’t stopped writing since.

I am a creative and quick-thinking journalist, with a masters in Global Visual Communication. I have previous experience in publishing, TV production and radio. I currently run my own travel blog, write a monthly column for a gastronomy magazine and also work as a freelancer.

I have an eye for detail and another for design. I know my way around the arts and Psychology. I love traveling to new places and learning new languages. I thrive in fast-paced environments and under deadlines. I have a multicultural background, and a lifelong interest in communication and culture.

Abridged Resume

>> Founder of SOSViagem
>> Columnist at Revista Deguste
>> Freelance writer, editor, designer and social media manager
>> Speaks Portuguese, English, French, Spanish and (very basic) German
>> Masters Degree in Global Visual Communication at Jacobs University (Bremen, Germany)
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What else?

You can find me on linkedin, facebook, instagram and (occasionally) twitter. :)

Specialities: writing, editing, design, photography, social media.

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